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Be Radiant ....Be Beautiful


"My mission is to provide quality longevity eyelash extensions with outstanding techniques and services to ensure 100% satisfaction and confidence with my lash guests while also focusing on natural lash health through out your lash journey."

I, Susana Tobias, eyelash artist and founder of Supi iLash LLC, am dedicated to making you my lash client look and feel beautiful. With intuition and attention to detail,  I work hard and strive to ensure perfection with every application. I believe YOU should be able to feel confident and beautiful.

I am implementing a new state of the art, not known in MN just yet, a technique that your lash extensions will not only will they have more longevity than the original method but they will also withhold against oil build-up, and are lot more flexible and are totally safe for your eyes. Lash guests do not have to wait 'the 24 hours not getting them wet' rule. With this method wearing make-up will not be an issue anymore. This method is the LYNK-GEL METHOD by Illumino Lashes. What's special about this method is that the adhesive used during services is cured or rather dried once the L.E.D. light device is applied. This means faster lash service and my favorite...lash longevity. Getting lash extension once a month rather than every two weeks. Lets talk about this method. Come see me.


*I am now a Certified Lynk-Gel Lash Artist. Excited to work with a new revolutionary patented

Lynk-Gel Method by Illumino Lashes.

You will love your new lashes and will feel amazed at how great you feel after an iLash session. 

Get the striking results and longevity you desire.


iLash ExtensionDesign

Check out the examples of different types of styles that can be applied on a Classic, Hybrid or on a Volume Set.

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iLash Testimonials

"I personaly know Susana for a long time.

She always dedicates her full attention  and quality to anything that she works on.

She is a super professional, explaining the process and procedures to me as she did her work. 

She took the hygiene and sanitation of the process very seriously as well.

I am super happy with the quality of her work!"---Ashley

Pretty Pink Lily

"It was so super relaxing while getting my lashes done.

Just what I needed the week of my wedding.

The "ME" time is just what I needed!"  ---Luz

"Supi iLash is a hit for me!

I was amazed how quickly everyone noticed 'something different' and my husband was an instant fan.

I had no pain, tenderness, or problems with the extensions as my lashes grew out which is a huge plus for anyone!

I hardly wore any makeup after I got them because I woke up lookng like I already made an effort, just by having them!" ---Ruby 

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