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iLash Services

Classic  iLash Extensions

Full Set |  2  hour Session  

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Classic lashes involves the application of one single lash extension onto a single natural lash that has been isolated with tweezers and precisely applied.
This technique gives longer, and well-defined eyelashes. The added length and curl also darkens the lash line and getting rid of any need for black mascara!

This style is for you if...

  • you want a natural look

  • you wish you could wear mascara all the time

  • you have naturally thick or long lashes, or a lot of natural lashes

Classic iLash

Hybrid  iLash Extensions

Full Set |  2 hour Session

Skincare Model
 Hybrid Lashes – also known as Kardashian Lashes, or Mixed/Combination Lashes.

The thicknesses, lengths, and curls will be suited to the client’s natural lashes and look desired. 

Various looks may include a very staggered, spiky lash set, or you could have a shorter, more natural-looking wispy look.

Hybrid lash extensions are typically 50% of classic lashes and volume lashes combined in one set.

Typically Hybrid lashes could take around 2-3 hours for a full set, this technique is more time consuming and essentially a work of creative lash art.

Hybrid iLash

Volume  iLash Extensions

Full Set |  2 .5 hour Session


Volume eyelash extensions are created by using  2-6 thinner lash extensions put together with precision, usually in a "fan" shape,  placed on a single natural lash to achieve more fullness and density across your natural lash line.  

This application can be modified to create a range of different volume looks to enhance most eye shapes.

Check out the examples below of the different types of eye shapes and styles of lashes. 

These styles of lashes could be used on Classic, Hybrid and Volume Look.

Volume iLash

1 hour Session

               iLash Removal/Cleansing


iLash Removal

Let the expert remove your ilash extension with special care not to damage your natural lashes. Lashes will be cleansed after your lash session.

You will also receive a free gift after lash session.

iLash Cleansing

Do you feel that you iLash extensions need a good cleansing?  Let the professional help you with that. Come in and relax while your lashes are cleansed with all-natural ingredients. 

iLash Design

iLash Extension Design


Check out the examples of different types of styles that can be applied on a Classic, Hybrid or on a Volume Lash Set.

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