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iLash Prep

Before your Appointment

 Before Your Session

  • iLashes must be fully clean. Remove all makeup around the eyes, including the eyelid, ilashes, and underneath the eyes.

  • Avoid using oil-based products. They will prevent the extensions to bond properly and will result in premature lash loss.

  • Remove any contact lenses. Bring along a contact case and solution if needed, but I recommend my guests wear their glasses on the day of service and for the following 24 hours. Contact solution tends to wet the lashes, and they need to be dry for 24 hours after application.

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  • Avoid curling your lashes at least 2 days before your lash session. By doing this it helps the application process go a lot smoother and with fewer complications.

  • Dress to be comfortable. Average sessions last about two hours, and guests  must be comfortable lying down for that amount of time. If you are unable to, please let me know when booking your appointment.

  • Feel free to bring your own music to listen to!

  • Please also have your mask on during your visit. Thanks. (due to regulation from the state of MN this my be optional as well).

During Your Session

  • Your eyes will be closed for the duration of the ilash session.

  • Please have your phone on silence or on vibrating until the end of your ilash session. Let your contacts know you will be unable to respond to any messages for at least a couple of hours.

  • To prepare the eyes, a gel eye patch or eye silicone patch will be applied.

  • Your natural lashes will be cleaned with shampoo cleanser and a iLash primer will be added for maximum adhesion.

  • Natural ilashes will be examined for optimal placement. The more lashes the more lash extensions are placed. If guests have thin brittle lashes, a discussion of a lash plan will be discussed.

  • If any discomfort, burning, itching, or other irritating sensations occur, please speak up immediately. 

  • If you feel the need to stretch or get up at any point during your session, let me know as soon as possible to confirm it is safe to do so.

  • A blanket  will be provided for comfort if needed or you may bring your own blanket as it may get a bit cold.

  • Please refrain from speaking during your session. Jaw and cheek movement increases application difficulty and affects the overall quality of the extensions, as well as the amount of time needed to apply them.

During your Appointment

After Your Session 

Following these tips & instructions will result in a lasting beautiful look until your next ilash fill session and will also result in ilashes not falling out prematurely.

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  • Avoid oil-based eye products.  Oil-based products will loosen the bond of the ilash extension.

  • Applying mascara is not recommended but if you feel you must, use a non-waterproof mascara. Apply at the middle and tip of the ilash extension only.    Do not apply at the base of your ilash line. This will cause bacteria to grow there and cause early lash fall out.

  • Use a non-oil makeup remover to remove mascara.

  • Avoid pulling, picking or rubbing off your ilash extensions.

  • If you experience itching or any irritation please contact me immediately to have the ilash extensions looked at or possibly removed.

  • A iLash shampoo may be purchased at the end of  your lash session.

Don't forget to schedule a fill session to maintain your ilashes!
For best results, book within two weeks from your first  ilash session.

After you Appointment
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