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Classic iLash extensions are a single extension to a single natural lash.

Volume extensions are from 2-10 thinner ilash extensions put together in a fan shape to a natural lash.

Hybrid extensions are a combination of classic and volume extensions. Desired results can vary drastically based on each person's number of natural lashes. If you would like to know more about ilash styles clink the button below. 


No Ma'am!

It is dangerous to try to use sharp tweezers and strong adhesives near an open eye.

The eyes must remain closed during the application of ilash extensions.

As much as I would love to be able to do my own lashes, it's just not advisable or safe to do so. I may not able to my own but I would love to do yours. Heres how...Click on the button below to schedule your ilash session.

Frequently Asked Questions


Lash extensions represents a luxurious service., which results in its cost, ensuring  a high-quality , meticulously skilled in the application process of the Lynk-Gel method.  

The higher the cost of a full set compared to a fill is justified by the artistry involved.


Crafting a new full set involves starting  from scratch, demanding more time and skill by meticulously choosing the best style, lash extensions tailored to each individual's unique eye shape, ensuring that you always look your absolute best.


You Betcha!!

The adhesive I use is water-resistant.

Your lashes will do just fine holding up to whatever water plan you have coming your way.

No More waiting the the 24 hours rule to get your lashes wet is not longer a rule for the new method that I am 

using. With the LYNK-GEL METHOD the adhesive is cured or dried with a L.E.D light device within seconds of applying lash extension to the natural lash..


Each individual lash is carefully isolated with a tweezer that is attached to the LYNK-GEL device and with another tweezer in my right hand I pick up  a single extension or volume fan and carefully apply it on the isolated natural lash without touching any other ilashes.

I use the tiniest dot of gel adhesive to ensure your ilashesare  adhere properly and then cure it with the  LYNK-GEL L.E.D. light  device.


The adhesive that is used is safe to use on the eye area.

This adhesive is also great for those who are sensitive and had issues with lash extensions in the past.  The lash extension is cured right away with the L.E.D. LYNK-GEL device there 

are no fumes that will irritate the eyes or make your eyes red after your lash session. The gel adhesive is NEVER applied on the skin.


Of course, you can!

If you plan on putting make-up on anywhere near your extensions you will need to cleanse your ilashes carefully and frequently to remove any lick of make-up off of your eyes to ensure that you are getting the best retention ever.  

Oil-free make-up near the eyes is recommended for ilash extension retention. For more information on ilash care click on the button below. With the LYNK-GEL METHOD  lashes will have better longevity  if lashes are washed once daily.


Sleeping on your face planted in the pillow for hours on end only may cause the lashes to get all wonky. 

My recommendation is to use a sleep mask to help protect your lashes from excess friction during your sleep.

You may also try falling asleep on your back or at the edge of your pillow to avoid friction. If you would likemore information on ilash care please click on the button below. 


Yes, when the wind blows. ;)  

iLash extensions themselves are virtually weightless and they are definitely not heavy like strip lashes. 

We strive for 100% isolation of every natural lash to avoid lashes feeling uncomfortable.

If your having any concern with your ilash extension and would like talk to an ilash artist click on the button below and schedule an consultation.


iLash extension are made out of synthetic fiber meant to mimic hair. The ilash synthetic fibers are flexible, heat curled to maintain their curvature, and come in a variety of thicknesses, curls, lengths, diameters and even colors.

iLash extensions synthetic fiber can make an ilash look bold and dramatic like a strip lash or soft and natural that makes people whisper "are those your real lashes?"

Click on the button below if you would like to experience these ilash extensions.


There are literally 100s of factors that can affect someone's retention or how long lashes will last. 

It varies from each individual.

iLash Extensions could last on someone from 3 weeks to 6 weeks.

Some factors may include the application of the gel adhesive bond to the natural lash , aftercare maintenance, picking, tugging, or pulling of the ilash extensions, just to name a few. With the LYNK-GEL METHOD lash longevity or lash retentions has bee on average more than 21 days. I am always striving to find ways to make that 21 days up to 6 weeks. My desire is for my lash guest come see me for a lash fill at least once a month instead of every two weeks.

Don't wait too long to have your ilash fill session with me. Click on the button below and schedule your session today.


NO! That is a BIG no no!

Your natural ilash health is a top priority for m. I would never want to compromise your natural ilash health by cutting them. (although some do it!)

At times you may hear my tweezers clink together and may sound like scissors, but rest assure that there is no ilash cutting going on during your session with me.

Want to see for yourself? Click on the button below to schedule an ilash session. 



iLash extensions should NEVER hurt! 

iLashes that hurt could be caused by ilashes extensions that are glued together or glued to the skin.

It could also be that you may have a sensitively to the adhesive or that the 

If your lash extension do cause pain or you feel uncomfortable please dont hesitate to contact  SUSANA, your lash specialist to find a solution as soon as possible.  

Click below to schedule your ilash session.

ilash extensions are just to heavy for your natural ilash to support.


An iLash Session may take 2 to 3 hours on average. Why so long?

ilash extensions are applied meticulously by hand and applied to a single natural lash ONE BY ONE and the average person has 75 to 200 natural ilashes per eye!

So it can take some time. But bear with me for a moment. Once a full set is applied the fill appointment should take a bit less time. Click on the button below to check session time and to book an ilash session with iLash Artist Susana.


Yes, and NO! 

They can if the ilash extensions are applied improperly. and are too heavy for your natural lashes.

Rubbing, picking, and pulling on the lash extensions after they are applied may contribute to natural ilash damage. Natural ilash damage is 100% AVOIDABLE! How?

The number 1 priority is to clean your lashes at least once a day. 

By properly maintaining and caring for them is extremely important BEFORE your next lash sessions. Review the Aftercare instructions for more ilash care maintenance.

We must work together to get you the longest-lasting lashes possible.

Follow Aftercare instructions thoroughly.

Pre-book your lash fill session within my recommended time frame.

With the LYNK-GEL METHOD is has been proven that lash extensions last longer than the traditional lash extensitension. When the lashe extension is applied to the natural lash with the gel adhesive it is cured  with the L.E.D light device therefore making it  stronger and more flexible and wala... making the lash extension lasting longer. Click on the button below to see how you can have your ilashes last longer.

HMMMMMM Where do I start?

Your results depend on quite a few factors that we both need to consider before starting your ilash session.

I will take a look at the health of your natural lashes and only if they seem to be strong, thick, and look healthy then we may proceed with your look. 

Otherwise if i see that your natural lashes are brittle, thin, and in the Telogen lash growth cycle (baby lashes starting to grow out)  I will not recommend a a long thick fluffy lash look, due to avoiding potential lash damage.  There is a safe amount of weight that can be added to the natural lash and  causing lash damage is definitely not what i like my lash guest end up having natural lash damage.

How_do_I_remove_my_eyelash_extensions (3

Please allow a professional to remove safely your ilash extensions. 

The adhesive removers that I use are specifically formulated to break down the bonds of the adhesive safely without causing damage to your natural ilashes.

There is no household product that I can recommend near your eyes.

Please click on the button below to schedule an ilash session so your ilash extension can be removed safely.

Another factor is your budget. You have anywhere 75 to 200 natural ilashes PER EYE!  So the more complex and full of lash look your desiring, the more time it will take and the more skill fro your lash artist. So your budget will definitely play a part in the final result. Either way, you'll look and feel gorgeous no matter what style you choose. Click on the button below to schedule an ilash session.


Affordable prices for sure compared to the high-end spas in the area.  

The services I provide have a  variety of different ilash styles, colors & therefore prices.

Now if you like to know how much ilash extensions cost, head on over to the menu option and look for the  "ilash Price" for services provided.

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